Forum Add-on Available? (Similar to this one)

This would be great if we could have a forum add-on on our e-commerce websites similar to this one.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

As far as I know there is no ready-to-use forum addon for cs-cart. However, it's possible to integrate with other forum programs.

I wish that they would make this forum into an add-on.

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I wish that they would make this forum into an add-on.


Why, exactly? You can just easily any forum software in a subdirectory or subdomain and link to if from your shop. If you want it in a window in your shop, that will just look messy.

If you want login details to be shared, that shouldn't be hard.

It's better to keep the two separated. Let cs-cart focus on making their shopping cart even better, and the forum people on doing the same for their forum software.

as a forum is a part of a shopping cart is a trends for buyer can discuss the item problem and share view together without leave the shopping cart, it is a part of SEO and skill to get the buyer stick to the shopping cart.

i do think a forum need to be a part of shopping cart.


I agree it can definitely add value to a shop, but it's a bit like saying: a photo-editor should belong to an operating system. Why does Microsoft not implement a program like lightroom in windows?

There are at least 10 more things we could think off that could be added to a shopping cart.

There already are fantastic, super stable forum software packages that you can easily install on your server next to cs-cart. There is no benefit for cs-cart to put so much effort into making forum software that already exists, and can easily be connected to cs-cart (shared login).

Hi Flow, i can image, a forum on a shopping cart is a trends, why ?

  1. member ( of course the buyers, potential buyers ) stay with the Site. – That is what the seller wants.
  2. As we all know that forum topic, specially hot topic, will much easily rank in the SE, which can definitely brings the target traffic to the Site. That is what the seller wants.
  3. A post or a personal reviews can be rewarded with some credits from the Site. Both buyers and seller want.
  4. A problem can have all buyers notice and the seller. That is what the buyers want.
  5. Forum can found more knowledge of the buying tips. That is what the buyers want.


    There are more to be mentioned… as this always to be a kind of marketing skill.

    Please DO NOT forget what a shopping cart is, it is a platform to help the seller, and not only just the shopping cart. but also there some features need to be furnished in order to get a shopping cart become more power to the seller and the buyer.

    it was not a forum program and a shopping cart program issues, it is a issue that how to make the shopping cart more better and more benefit for the seller who operate the panel.

I totally agree, I just think it would be better to take a proven forum software application that's been around for a while and integrate that into your shopping cart.

I mean, I would also love to have my accounting integrated in the cart… but it wouldn't be realistic to think that cs-cart is going that road.

sure, Flow, i love if there is any forum can integrate to cscart… and which can suit my requirement.

as you said, till cs cart people realize that a forum addon to a shopping cart, which may takes 100 years or 1000 years.