Forms that send to different

in administration > settings > company, you can assign different email addresses to different departments such as help/support, site administrator, shipping, etc. I understand how cs-cart dictates what email addresses get what alerts or reminders.

Though, on my customer support page I created a form and notice that I can assign what email address the form goes to when filled out. Though, it would be nice if people could select the type of help they needed such as, “customer support” and it goes to the normal support email or “shipping” goes to the shipping department’s email or “site issues” goes to the webmaster’s email, etc. I think you know where I’m going with this?

I didn’t know if they form could pull options based upon submitting emails from the company settings or if one could simply create a drop down list with email recipients to send messages to? I just notice that I get a lot of emails with all kinds of issues and have the individually forward them to everybody, when it would be nice to have them properly distributed to the department in question.

The Helpdesk Addon does exactly this and more - Sno