format price


I am trying to find out where i can format the price:

for example: €1.21

I want to put a space in between like: € 1.21

Where can i change this?

You find in smarty_modifier_format_price() function in path: core\smarty_plugins\modifier.format_price.php

Thats one place, but the format_price modifier is not used consistently. You will need to look at each template where it's used.

Put just a 'space' behind in admin.


Administration::Currencies, then use the above tip. :)

LOL, I love it when I overlook the obvious! :-)

You can probably also use an html non-breaking space entitiy of   too to ensure that space actually looks like a space and that a long line won’t break on that character.

I'm using cs-cart professional version 3.0.1.I see an error like this: when I select a currency symbol, the product in the home page does not change.Who can help me?


error like this:



Did you clear your cache after changing/messing with your currency symbol?

I select a currency cymbol, price is not change :grin: