Forbidden Combination Problem

Hi there,

Please help! When a product have Forbidden Combinations, in the View Cart page we won't be able to change the options. Instead, we see a Notice that said "The product xxx has options or option variants that are not available anymore, so it was removed from cart".
The options we have are arranged like this:

1) Packing A (Boxed Kit) and Packing B (Loose)
2) Design for Packing B - 5 Design variants

Forbidden Combo: Packing A - no variant can be selected
Option Combo: Packing B with Design 1 variant image, Packing B with Design 2 variant image, and so on.

Also, variant image will only show when Packing B with variant is put into cart. Variant image will be gone and Notice will appear if we play around back and forth with the options in the View Cart page.

Screenshot attached.

Please help in fixing this problem.. I've exhausted the support credits and I'm afraid it'll be a while until CS peeps come back to us.


Fixed this by changing Simultaneous to Sequential option order.