Footer Links Shows Sub Category In Drop Down How To Disable It


I have have created a footer menu for some SEO work and for client requirement. (screenshot attached)

I have placed some category menu there this shows some drop down menu of sub category.

How to disable those mouse over drop-down of the sub category of the menu.

I know its a css line but dont know which line does that work.

Looking for any css guru to smart me up .




any css experts./… do help me out guys…

[quote name='ravt' timestamp='1393930900' post='178698']

any css experts./… do help me out guys…

[/quote]If you created the menu using the main menu block, go back into layouts to the block settings. click on block options,


Second level elements to 0

third level elements to 0

Should do the job.


HI Alan,

I dont use Drop down horizontal temple I am using text link template.

Even If I configure for drop down horizontal the css which I did for main menu is repeating down in footer.

This will be just a minor css trick to hide the second level.

any update guys?

still waiting for a update guys… #fingers crossed

no css guru… ?


Can we check the URL of the website?

sent you a PM


.footlink ul li:hover ul{[list]

[][color=#C80000]display[/color]: none !important;

][color=#C80000]padding[/color]: 0px !important;

[][color=#C80000]border[/color]: 0px !important;



I have posted a solution here guys hope it helps for others…

thanks for all the supporters.