Footer Box w/ links

I am trying to create a footer box on my website, similar to the one found on: [url]Home page

I was thinking of moving my image box w/ fedex/paypal/ssl certificate from the left to the bottom in a box like this. Additionally, I wanted to add my product categories at the bottom of the page and my sites links (about us, terms, etc…). I also would like to add a “popular brands” column.

Where should I start?

Add an HTML box as a footer, drop your html code in, have fun.

Thanks for the reply. I worked up something and this is what I came up with: (check the bottom of the page). I am trying to change the links so that they do not have the underline. This is the css I used: [QUOTE]


For some reason, a { text-decoration: none; } is not doing it’s job. Any Ideas?

Also, do you think the font should remain black or should I make it grey?