FloraFauna.com - Plant and Wildlife E-Commerce Shop for Growers, Breeders, and Collectors.

Still a work in progress.



Awesome niche. I would get a nice template from 12leaves.com or some other site. How about that one:


Since it's about nature and animals would be nice to see some nice greens and vibrant / exciting colors. Would be nice to have the zoom on picture rollover when looking your reptiles. Something like that: CS-Cart Product Image Zoom Addon (Hover or Click) - Magic Zoom Plus

This might be only me but I love to see an address on the contact page, makes it look more legit (could just be a mailbox). Some of your items are really expensive and make people feel safe and secure about the transaction will probably increase sales. At least a phone number.

Very nice idea and great niche, best of luck in your project.


Some nice templates on that site, have a look at Bloom,


Thanks, guys. I'll take a look. To be honest, I really like the basic skin the most. The lack of wordpress-quality cs-cart skins is pretty unbearable.

Actually, I took a second look at the “bloom” template, and it's surprisingly good. Maybe I'll use it.

Thanks to everyone for your help. It has been a success so far.