Floating checkout box for 2.0.x


I would like the total value, check out and add to wish list (or even the future “back in stock notification”) permanently visible on the screen.

CS Cart 2.0.x already has nice system notification blocks that hover and apperar whenever the original location is off screen.

I would like the same ability for the front end cart/checkout box.

Our product configuration screen is very long so the value is not visible and finding the checkout button is rather difficult since it is moved to the bottom of the configurator and jammed in just above the Description field.

example here (not finished, in development) [url]http://shop.velocite-bikes.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29816[/url]

I would like the floating cart/checkout box to apper to the right of the product detail/configurator box.

Since this would use the already existing javascript, it should not be too hard to do, but any help is very much appreciated.


Just a question; did you check your site with 1024px browser resolution? It’s still the most used resolution.

Good point…and no…

I may need to loose the right column…or stuff around shrinking images…

Thank you for pointing this out.