Flat Rate Shipping - Do Not Display Other Options

Been using CSC for many years but never addressed this.

Right now I ship most everything FedEx or USPS but I have a line of products in the store that I want to specifiy flat rate shipping.. simple enough I guess, however, I do NOT want to show any other shipping options at checkout.

If it's $50 to ship something then we bypass everything else and boom... if shows $50 shipping in the cart.. have a nice day.

I already have a free shipping method for store pickups, etc and I don't want to confuse customers.. just make it real simple.

Now.. you may ask why I don't just figure it in to the price... because it skewers the pricing in search engines, etc. I want to keep this as simple and straight forward as possible.

I'm on the latest greatest CSC.

Found this that I think fits the bill but says it's only good to 4.5.2


Hungryweb has agreed to update this add on to work with 4.8.* and says he'll have it ready to go today. Hopefully this will do the trick.