Flashing Cursor...

On my website, when you place the cursor into a text box to start typing (i.e. to input your e-mail address), rather than flicking on and off at a reasonable speed, the cursor seems to flash very quickly. You can still input text, but it looks rubbish…

Does anyone know how to slow the flashing down?


what version of cart - and what customer skin are you using - seems like something very wierd for sure - with this info - perhaps can assist you better

a link would be even better

Hello DELTA9000…

I’m using cs-cart v1.3.5 sp2 with the default magenta skin: www.moonrust.co.uk.

It is weird, and I haven’t got a clue why it’s happening. I’ve even taken my flashing background off to test whether that was causing it, but the cursor just kept flashing??

probably just the flash ad…(either the moon or the scroller lower right)

Hello Mike…

I took both the flash add and the moon phases off my site, but the cursor still flashes :confused:

Any more ideas?

I’ve had another look around and I’ve found that my flashing site background, the Moon Phases add, the flash banner and my scrolling listmania are all affecting the cursor!

Basically, this means that to have a perfect cursor, I’d have to have NOTHING on my site except for the very basic template items :cry: .

Does anyone think it matters that the cursor flashes uncontrollably when you click into a text input box? I think I’d rather have adds, listmania, a pretty site background, flash banners and a maniac of a cursor than the most boring site in the world… :shock:

i was going to say don’t worry about it…no big thing

Thanks… that’s what I needed to hear.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what others will think until someone actually tells you.

:smiley: :smiley: