Flash video with product

Does anybody have some experience with including short flash animations with products? I would like to know how to make it in the easiest way. I like to add a lot of videos to a lot of products. Does anybody have some mode made for this already?

Or try to offer some solutions for me.


The easiest one can do is upload your videos to some directory and insert the link and object html code to your product descriptions. No mods or coding required, just labor.


Same as number one but have a script add videos to descriptions, would need some video naming structure then.


If you are NOT using attachments, one could mod the “attachments” to be a tab for videos, it is not that hard… Thus, you would be able through GUI upload videos and the template would dress them to appear ready to play… Similarly, if manually uploading would be a problem, one could take a step further, name the video files as SKUs then upload them all at once to some directory and have a custom script insert them to database automatically without human help.

Or you could just create a new product block of html and include the object tag for your flash.

It is about videos for every product so it is about 2000 of videos. Insert it through HTML to TABS blok is possible but it is place where 80% will never look.

That third way with attachments is interesting.

Then just place thumbnail of the video in the frontend somewhere near the original photo. After clicking in pop-up simple flash player would play the video.

Is anybody using this way already?