Flash edits needed...

I purchased a theme from AlogoZone and need to edit the flash banner that came with it. The current banner shows burgundy tans and buttons, but I need them to be blue to match my logo.

I know this is not CSCart related necessarily, but I need some help or suggestions for people who may be able to assist me.

AlgoZone said.

The flash module was created using Action Script 2.0 . You should be able to edit the source fla file in Flash 8,9, AdobeCS3,4,5 . According to our developers, there is no problem with the banner . You are not seeing any banners displayed within your flash environment because the the images displayed in the flash banner is pulled into the flash module dynamically but they resides outside the flash module - specifically, they are stored in the cscart database .

I had a friend try to open the file using Flash CS3 but they would not. Not sure if Flash 4 or better is needed? I do not own a copy of Flash to edit this myself.

Actionscript 2.0 is older version. Adobe Flash CS3 uses actionscript 3.0.

It is easy to make changes to the code but I will suggest you to send it to www.elance.com and ask for someone to make the changes for you. He will ask only some dollars and you will get a Flash as you wanted.