Fixed width template

I would like to see a fixed width template. It sure would give a good place to start for some of us.

You can make any of these templates fixed width fairly easily.

Which skin were you thinking of?

I am not really thinking of anything in particular. I have a site that I am going to migrate to cs-cart and it uses a fixed width. I just think that a fixed width template would give me a better place to start. I might just pay someone else to do the work and save me the time.

i made the bluesky template 780 width, with one tpl change.

really easy.

I have changed the aquarelle skin to be 780 for my site - it is fairly simple, however you may need to change other areas to stop the layout breaking when it’s too wide.

For example on the login/signup pages. At the moment my layout is broken here but I’ll be fixing that by adding the login above the signup instead of next to.

Hope that helps you in the right direction.

So how would you go about that quick change on say… any of the new_vision templates? :slight_smile: I would actually like to make it less wide than it already is, It doesnt seem to shrink down enough width-wise for me.

I have not looked, however I would imagine that main.tpl is a good start - change the width of the main table from 100% to 780 or whatever, you’ll also need to change the width of the header and footer templates too. Or, maybe there is a template which houses them all so you’ll only need to make one change… Like I said I have not looked but try experimenting, it’ll only be a simple change.