Fix Logging

Logs currently are nearly useless.

- You can not perform a meaningful search beyond date ranges on them

- They are not keyed to their underlying related objects so its impossible to run meaningful sql without parsing nearly every record

- They are not exposed via the json API

- They do not log meaningful information. i.e. Simply a product was updated without details as to what was changed doesn't tell me much.

- Lots of important events are not logged.

Why are you double posting this? Answers are in the other thread.

We add new logging types for addons like our EZ Email Logging addon. We don't have a need for an object in this case since the Subject of the mail (the data portion of the log) usually contains enough info.

But again, you can use hooks to extend things in whatever manner you want.

I just noticed there was a forum for feature requests.

This is a feature request to fix the logging system as it's mostly useless in its current incarnation.