FireFox doesn't like SEF addresses

I’m not a big fan of using mod_rewrite, but I’m doing a little testing.

I have it ‘working’, sort of. The pages display as anticipated in IE6 & IE8 with the appropriate addresses, but in FF 3.0.14 two things are happening.

  1. a \ is added to the address, i.e. which causes the page not to display.
  2. removing the \ allows the page to display, but it’s not finding the styles.css file, nothing is styled at all.

    Any idea what’s happening here?

    I’m testing 2.08 BTW

Are you using a windows apache/php server?

I had that prob using windows.

Yeah, this is a local installation using apache & PHP 5 (WAMP Server) on Windows Media Center (XP).

Did you find any fix?

Nope, not a clue

Is fixed in 2.0.9

I submitted a new bug yesterday and they fixed it today!