Filters and SEO URLs

Hi All,

I'm testing out CS Cart at the moment, using the demo site data and I have a few questions regarding how features, filters and SEO URLs interact.

As I understand it, setting a feature of type 'extended' (or brand/manufacturer in later versions?) allows its variants to have separate page titles, meta data etc.

However, this information doesn't show on the category when the feature is used as a filter. Perhaps I'm missing something here. So a few questions about this:

  1. Can the extended data (description, title etc.) be shown when using the feature as a category filter?

  2. Can the URL of, for example, “/electronics/computers/desktops/?subcats=Y&features_hash=V88” be “/electronics/computers/desktops/asus” instead?

  3. It seems that the extended or brand/manufacturer type only provides landing pages that show all products of that type, regardless of category - is this correct? (For example, manually changing the URL to “/electronics/computers/desktops/asus” shows the same page as I get at just “/asus”)

    Any answers would be most welcome.