Filtering catgegories by storefront


I have cs-cart support. I am continously being knocked back for minor modifications being provided as part of the support. I am wondering if I am expecting too much.

Currently all categories from all storefronts are shown in the category drop down in the product search box (in products/products and the advanced filter). There is a lot to sort through so I want to filter the categories.

For the purpose of obtaining and assssing the reasonableness of quotes, how many hours effort would you would estimate would be required to make the following changes using the my_add on functionality?

  1. add a new “shopfronts” dropdown to the product search screen.
  2. populate the shopfronts field with a list of shopfronts.
  3. When a one is selected the existing categories dropdown should be updated to only include categories that belong to that storefront.

The categories box appears in three places (products/products in the basic search and advanced search) and the orders/create orders advanced search (seee picture)