Filter With Global Options

Hello Guys,

I have a problem regarding the global option. I have

I have added 120 size options in global options on version 4.3.1

But when i enable size options for filter in frontend. But when i click on any of the size options its takes too long time to regenarate the result set.

Also Increase the cpu usage rapidly

How can i fix this?

For this Global options i have used the "Filter Options" Plugin

I have also attached the func.php file.

So, please help me on this thing.

Thank you


I have already answered this please look this post



I have installed secure trading payment pages for cs cart version 4.3.3. I downloaded the latest version for cs cart 4 but at the time of adding as payment method there is no template file to choose. So, i could not configure it with merchant details. so, please help me out from this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Secure trading payment pages