File Uploads with Orders?

We do personalized, imprinted, branded, and labeled products. In many cases, the customer needs to forward digital art to us, we review it, email a proof back, and then the customer emails us acceptance of the proof.

Anyway, I can add email links and things of that nature but I was wondering if anyone was doing anything with file uploads attached to the order. For us it would be ideal if the customer uploaded files and they were tied to the order…further it would be nice if we could use the order communication tool to send the customer a message with an attached file as well.

Is there anything like this already integrated. It’s not a show stopper for us and we can continue to work through emails, but I was caught by the power of having all communication relative to an order tied to the order…having file attachments both for inbound and outbound comms would be very nice.

You might want to check out Snorocket’s Quote/Invoice Manager. It may have the features you want.


Any new info on this? This seems like a no-brainer in today’s world.

We, too, do a lot of digital art based work and need upload capability without jumping through additional hoops.