File upload with order

Apologies. I’m sure this thread already exists here but i cant seem to land on the right keywords to find it.

Anyway… Possible? and if so, how to, & best practice :

We’re selling custom embroidered shirts. Want buyer after, or during checkout process to be able to attach or upload a file (.ZIP, .JPG, .whatever) with order.


THANKS IN ADVANCE for your time and HELP!


Add a product option to yor product and select “file” as your option instead of drop down or radio etc.

you can also do this as a global option and apply to many products at once


Mucho… another dumb question. where does the uploaded file wind up?

attached to the order in admin

and also in var/custom files/sess data, I think



I really appreciate it.


Everyone was a noob at sometime

Hmm John, I read his question differently. I read that he wanted the customer to be ablle to upload a file (like artwork) along with his order, not to be able to download a file from his site when the order is placed… maybe I’m wrong.

If I’m right, you want to add a form to your checkout page that will have a FILE type of element. See the KB for how to use the Forms addon. There is the option to have the block appear in the checkout process.