File Loaction

how to find app/controllers/frontend/checkout.php file in cs cart


for you will depend on mode


mode is the right side of


for ex:


controller = checkout

mode = cart

I hope that helps,


part of

2. Add the following code:
if ($action == 'buy_now') {
just before the following line:
if (md5(serialize($cart['products'])) != $previous_state && empty($cart['skip_notification'])) {
in the app/controllers/frontend/checkout.php file (line 65 approximately).
i want to add this line on that php file

Now I get the question :D

From the CS-Cart backend you are not able to access the php files, you will need to use ftp or cpanel

Would strongly suggest you use a local (eg. my_changes) checkout.pre.php controller to check for your "buy_now" mode and do the redirection so that your change will survive an upgrade.