Figuring Out Sales Tax

People who have done this before, please help!

I'm in NY state and looking to setup my store to do sales tax in NY state ONLY.

For now I'm going to do an average, but that will be revised long term.

I've already input all of the NY state zip codes, and I'm trying to make the tax apply to New York only.

Clearly, I'm missing something since I either get no tax anywhere or tax EVERYWHERE.

Thanks for your time.

NEVER MIND. In going through to take screenshots, I noticed I entered all the zip codes, but I left the actual state field empty. That fixed my problem. I figured it might be redundant. Well, it wasn't. It was very necessary.

Does NY require you to collect state sales tax at the rate for the county of the CUSTOMER? (Billing address or shipping address?)

In OH, I just collect state sales tax at the rate for the county I SELL from - just like if they drove to a brick-and-mortar store from their own county so they pay the sales tax rate for the county the store is in.

Fundamentally, I file one state tax return and the rate I owe is based upon my own county's state sales tax rate - not the customers.

This sure makes it easier as I only have to define one sales tax rate for the whole state.

Oh Magpie, I really hope you're right! What you said makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for helping me sleep easy.

All… two other questions:

[1] I believe sales taxes are calculated based on the customer's shipping address. If you are shipping from NYC to any NYC ZIP code, you should pay NYS+NYC sales tax. Correct?

[2] If you ship from NYC to anywhere else in NYS (New York State), you should only pay the NYS sales tax (but not municipal or county sales taxes of the customer's municipality). Example: shipping from NYC to Albany should only trigger NYS sales tax. Correct?

[3] NYC has an exemption for clothing items under $110. So if a customer's order subtotal is $220, I have to charge sales tax on the full order subtotal. Correct?

Regarding #3: how do I set up exceptions in CS Cart that apply taxes based on order subtotal?