Fields Ignore Translation And Appear With _

Hello and happy new year to everyone,

Last night, i installed/activated an addon, but didnt use it so i deactivated/uninstall it again.

I did clear cache, and then i reinstall another old addon. I noticed that many fields appear with _

For example, order id appears now as _order" (also to customer automatic email he receive whem places an order)

Order status appear now as "_status"

Email address appear now as _email (also to storefront)

and many other fields

I deactivated the addon, i deactivated all addons, cleared cache , but now it stuck, nothing changes.

Can someone help me what else to do or what problem might is it?

I have 4.4.2 version ultimate if that matters.

That happens when it can't find the language variable in the DB. Seems that someone/something has deleted the language variable "orders" in your DB. You will have to add it back or reapply the distributed "PO" files for the languages you use.

Looks like one of your addons may have just zapped the cscart_language_values table. You can also restore from backup.

Module should not delete default translations. Contact module developer and inform him about this issue.