Feedback on CS-Cart

I switched servers recently and I’m running blazing fast now, no problems at all…

To all who are interested:

I am a recent past user of X-Cart Gold, ClickCart Pro, and, most recently, SunShop version 4.0.9. I’m going to make this post short because it’s 4:05 AM and I whooped from working all day setting up our new cart, CS-Cart. I came across this cart several days ago. I read ALL of the posts in this group. I was indeed impressed by the positive feedback this cart had received. I was very disappointed with the above carts because, especially with ClickCart Pro and SunShop - you better be an expert with php and html. Too many problems with them too. As someone else in this group stated in a couple of posts…“this cart rocks!” I can not express myself enough regarding how superior this CS-Cart is in comparison to the aforementioned carts. I am absolutely amazed at the ease I had in setting up the cart and loading it with all of our product information, and, installing our custom javascripts, etc. The features and functionality of this cart are absolutely impressive. I liked what I read here in the group about the cart and decided to install the trial version. I only had to play around with the trial for a few hours to determine that what everybody in this group was saying was right-on. I quickly made the decision to buy it and, in two days it’s practically 95% set up. All I have to do is add the shipping rates and I ready to go live. To all of you who are in the market for a new cart…this is it, don’t bother wasting your time and money demoing or purchasing any other carts (I’ve done that as have others in this group), make no mistake about it, this CS-Cart blowns em all away.

One happy camper!

Bill G.

[quote name=‘Bill G.’]CS-Cart blowns em all away.[/QUOTE] Yea CS-Cart blowns em all away bigtime, I’ve been keeping an eye on other carts and they all suck in comparison…

I do have the same concerns as you regarding speed and queries.

Unfortunately there is not a caching system, so if you want the ultimate in speed, it would be best to use the static html generator. It is not complete as referenced in a past thread by Arlen and myself. But it can be fixed up.

I did a test in speed, and static always beat out the dynamic pages.

The javascript is also fairly heavy in size. So a couple options are to run gzip compression on the server which greatly reduces the size. Please see a past most by myself regarding Yahoo Performance tips.

I am going to test loading certain javascript pages only as needed. I don’t know if this would work, but may help reduce the javascript size greatly.

I use to host with 1and1 and the cart was alright with the overall speed

switched hosting to and it’s super fast now, they have their servers set up to run cs cart smoothly

you could download the demo of cs cart and see how it works for you

I’ve used x-cart both for several years and tested some free and paid cart systems… A few months ago we’ve switched to cs-cart. Is more more better and has more more modules and addons. Was a good choice. After we have fixed some bugs and reviewed the source code, fixed some xhtml errors works well.

You can see our page is valid xhtml css.

Cs-cart is more faster and has css based layout, table less where possible.