Feed import issue , 2 columns : category and subcategory


My feed has 2 columns : category and subcategory. I need to import the products in already made category called Hauz , so I used concat to do that with the Category but now subcategory name doesn’t get imported as a subcategory but as category .

Please check what I did. I need the import to take place as follow: Category to go to Hauz category as subcategory1, imported subcategory to go as subcategory2 under subcategory1.

It can’t be done without modifying the import file first. For example:

Hauz///Corpuri Modulare

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Thanks, there are some live feeds, I thought it can be done.

Even so, how do I make subcategory from the feed to go after Hauz///Corpuri Modulare ? I added Hauz/// in front of all category names from the file and now it goes under Hauz category ,but subcategory from the feed its still getting imported as main category, while I need it Hauz-Corpuri Modulare-subcategory

Subcategory and Secondary category are 2 different things. Secondary category just means you want the product to show in a completely different category as well.

If you edit the file using my previous example, Hauz will be the main category while Corpuri Modulare will be the subcategory.

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I want Hauz to be main category, ‘Bucatarie’ the first subcategory , and the ‘Corpuri Modulare’ the second subcategory. Right now with Hauz///Corpuri Modulare , import its just creating Hauz- Corpuri Modulare and new category Corpuri Modulare. Products are shown both on ‘Bucatarie’ subcategory and ‘Corpuri Modulare’ category.

Then try editing the file like this:

Hauz///Bucatarie///Corpuri Modulare

Subcategory name vary a lot, I need to find a way to copy all subcategory column text in front on the category column text , //Corpuri Modulare

You can use functions in Excel or similar to make it it work.


I can see most of the sellers provide us with csv links which are updated on a daily basis , most of them have 2 columns ; category and subcategory. Downloading therm,alter it, upload it and import the file everyday takes a lot of time. Cron job will be useless for such feeds. Isn’t really any solution for this ?

Not really. Why would categories be changing so often?

Well, they are not but how about the product prices/new added products/ etc , how will I trigger the products to get imported in the right category if I can’'t set it properly on import feed mapping area ?

So, on cs-cart import products I select the feed link provided by the vendor and I need to properly map the file so it will get automatically imported every few hours. If I download the file from the vendor feed and alter it myself it will not help on cron job, I need to manually do it every few hours, I’m wrong ?

I have the same situation. I have one cron import for updating products (price and inventory only). New products are added on a separate import after I have edited the file.

– I have one cron import for updating products (price and inventory only).-- using their default feed ? If so, how is that possible because the prices and inventory must find the product in the proper category and that’s not possible with default feed, or I’m wrong ?

The only thing used to identify the product in an update is the Product code.

I did knew that! That should solve my problem , I just wait to test it, thanks alot @thetool

I have a new vendor selling over 50K products, the problem is that he only provides the last subcategory from the tree… , imagine that, how will I be able to create/insert the subcategory under proper category ? For example , he only gave me subcategory: Wireless Headset, but when I check his website , its like that:

Sport & fitness » Wirelss running headset » Tellur » Wireless Headset

And that’s just an example , there are hundreds of it.

Can you please confirm that if I create another import from the save vendor using live feed and select only Product Code and stock number, it will only update stock for the Product Code and nothing else like creating products randomly , etc ? Also what will happen if Product code from feed doesn’t exist on store ?

In the import settings you need to select Update existing products only so that new products are not created.

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Great, thank you @thetool