Fedex Issues

Other than the .9 upgrade yesterday, we've made no other changes. FedEx isn't returning quotes now.

When I test:

FAILURE 9004 Remote EJB method: getRates not called. Unable to create the remote bean. Exception: Service '' is busy, max connect limit reached: 10. Cause: Service '' is busy, max connect limit reached: 10

At one point it was showing a authentication error but now it is giving the error above.

On hold with FedEx to see if it's on their end.

Yep... FedEx is having server issues with no ETA on repairs. Great.

How did you confirm this? We're having some problems as well with a few carts - mostly older 4.0x.

I spoke with FedEx's web tech guys, they verified they were having server issues, lasted about an hour or so then everything started working again just fine.

Ok, thanks for that confirmation ...