Fedex credentials in 2.1.3

How do you go about getting a User Key & Password for the new Fedex configuration? When I contact Fedex they said

“FedEx does not provide technical for support third party applications. Please contact CS-Cart for their process of setting up your web services based solutions.”

Without that information I get an error 1000 authentication failed

I have mine setup. Call Fedex and ask to speak with one of their technicians in the Web Server dept. It really does not matter which application you are using. The information is just that…the information. Thats what you are looking for. They will walk you thru it on the phone by having you log into your account on, etc.

Let me know how it goes. If no luck, I will be willing to help you futher.

Thanks I will check on that tomorrow.

I called FedEx and got the wrong information :-( The CSR didn’t quite understand what I needed.

I found this link from a Google search, and it is very clear and easy to follow.

CS-Cart definitely should add something similar to their KB.

How to Obtain Your FedEx Web Services Credentials

Hello InternetKev,

We are sorry that you faced such difficulties.

We will schedule such an instruction for being written for our Knowledge base, however we think that such an instruction should be published on the site in the first place if they provide on-line calculation service (we just support it).

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support team