FedEx Authentication Password?

Just recently switched to the new version of CS-Cart and I am having trouble getting FedEx real time rates to work. I went to Shipping Methods and edited each method, and need to key in the meter number, authentication key and authentication password.

I followed the directions at's developer section. They provided me with an authentication key but not an authentication password. I don't understand where I obtain that?

Any help?

1.3.5 never requested a password. I am a bit lost.

In order for us to be able to get Fedex up and running we had to call Fedex support on the phone and we were up and running in no time. For some reason their set up isn't near as easy as USPS or UPS.

The password was emailed to me. I just noticed it in my Inbox after requesting a key through I wish had said something about sending me an email with further details.

I was just given these Instructions by a FEDEX Cust Svc person on how to get a FED Authentication key for production:

A FedEx business account is required.

Webpage [url=“FedEx | System Down”]FedEx | System Down

Navigate to

->technical resources (left side of page)

->FedEx Web Services for Shipping

->Move to production

*Click “Obtain Production Key” located near bottom of “Move to Production” page. (call fedex if it isn't there)

*Fill out reg form. If you have an account most of your account info will be pre-filled.

Last page will display the Authentication key, metter, etc, and fedex will email your email address associated with the account the password.

Cut and paste info in to a doc because if it is forgotten than this procedure must be followed to attain another key.