FedEx API to Web Services Migration

For those of you that use FedEx real time rates and other FedEx services inside your cart, FedEx is changing from API tools to Web Services for the tools offering rating, time in transit, etc. This is affecting most 3rd party shopping carts that are using these features in their software.

I heard that FedEx has been reminding a lot of the cart companies about this for over a year now. The deadline for this upgrade is May 31, 2012. At that time the API will no longer work and features on the cart will stop. They have to be upgraded, if they haven't already.

I wanted to make sure that CS-Cart is aware of this? I am currently running CS-CART: version 2.2.1 PROFESSIONAL. It obviously isn't the latest version, but CS-Cart told me before that my version would put me in good standing as far as the FedEx issue goes. I was previously using 1.3.5.

If anybody can speak for CS-Cart, I'd appreciate an answer. FedEx reps are telling me that CS-Cart has yet to update their system. Not sure where or how they got that information?

I hope nobody else uses FedEx services with CS-Cart.

Any updates. Is Fedex realtime rates going to work after May 31 with CS Cart?

Our integration uses the new web services methodology.

Some of you may already have read this, but refer to my post in this thread:

[url=“Printing Label Options - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Printing Label Options - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

I got this response today from CS Cart, which is good news if anybody was interested:

Thank you for your time and patience.

We have examined the documentation provided on the FedEx website and found out that no additional changes are required to be implemented in CS-Cart. The new FedEx API is already used since CS-Cart version 2.1.3. CS-Cart version 2.2.4 will still work with the new FedEx API after June 1, 2012. So you have nothing to worry about.

Thank you.