Featured Products?

I have just set up 2.10 and works nice but now when I deleted all the demo parts I have not more “Featured Products”, how can I get the items to show up again as it was before out of the box?


  1. Go to Design->Blocks and find your Featured products block (e.g., on the Home page tab).
  2. Click the little “+” sign to the left of the block name and then click the “Add products” link.
  3. Select and add your products.


Thanks for the help, it seems a bit odd not to have it automatically but I guess that will be something someone has customized for earlier versions.

It makes sense when you think about it - your ‘Featured products’ block is just a manually filled product block. You are choosing to feature some items in your store.

You can create other product blocks using the different “Fillings” available: Newest, Recently viewed, Popularity, Bestsellers and Rating. These will populate automatically using the limits you specify in setting up the block.