Feature Variants > Product Variations & Product Feature Groups

Trying to get my head around managing Product Variations > Features and most confusingly Feature Groups.

It seems that Groups are a hangover from previous versions. Having updated rather than installed fresh, I need to fix some products that did not convert properly from combinations to PV's.

Problem is I can see no option anywhere to Delete or Create a Feature Group.

It seems the primary purpose of feature groups is to be able to quickly assign a list (or group) of Categories to a feature. ie, instead of having to manually select the categories a feature will be available to, one can just select the previously defined group.

So ...

1. Shouldn't the groups be called Category Groups rather than Feature Groups?

2. More importantly, how the hell does one Delete or Create a Feature Group?

So.. How does one create a "Feature group"?

Also, I would expect Purpose: Variations as one product and Variations as separate products would have Feature style: Multiple checkboxes and Filter type : Dropdown List options available.


No multiple line option.gif


select dispatch=product_features.groups
and click on the top right where it says "New Group"

Ok, Thanks got it...But is there a menu item in admin somewhere?

the general purpose of groups is to allow you to have the same name in different features. If you only had one 'Size' feature then everything would have to be in one. I.e. volume, length, garmet, ring, etc. But having Size in separate feature groups allows you to have them defined and applied separately.

So yes, you can think of them as a "category of features".


Much of my confusion is due to there being no way to manage these groups from the admin panel.. or can I just not find it?
Odd to only be able to access the page via typed url !

Previously, features and feature groups were both edited on the Products > Features page. Having the features and groups mixed up on the same page added to the confusion.

In current versions, features and feature groups have their own pages. You can switch between them in the sidebar (see the attached screenshot). Depending on the display’s size, aspect ratio, and resolution, the sidebar may be hidden by default. In that case, it can be opened manually when necessary.



Right, thanks.
Since we use portrait orientated monitors, the LHS block is hidden by default, I keep forgetting to un-hide it to check for stuff.

But even then, for some reason, the Features & Groups links were partially underneath the big notification to fix old product listings. I was expecting to see the links on the product_features.manage page or as a item of the action button dropdown.. . too many different menu groups.
That damn Slider button is so greyed out I dont notice it there! Styled it with a bit more contrast:

These geyed-out low contrast styles are hard to read for we oldies with thick spectacles..Might look fine for storefronts but IME the admin side needs better readability, more contrast.

.admin-content-wrap .sidebar-toggle {
    background: rgba(255, 0, 0, .7);
.admin-content-wrap .sidebar-toggle .sidebar-icon {
    color: rgba(255, 255, 255, .7);
    font-size: 36px;
.admin-content-wrap .sidebar.sidebar-open .sidebar-icon {
    color: #000;
    opacity: 0.5!important;
    font-size: 14px;