Feature Request - Verbose Logging

Are there any plans to expand the logging in CS-Cart? The logging is severely lacking at the moment.

For instance I can see an admin has updated an order, the time it was done and the order number, but I can't see what was changed. I am trying to trace a possible problem with orders at the moment and I don't know if someone is changing something they shouldn't be, or it's an actual fault.

Hi ,

can you explain in detail or with example.

please check these links for default logging :



Our free module can help you:


If you want to extend it, feel free to contact us

Cheers eComLabs that appears to be more what we were thinking of.

Vivek, basically at the moment it doesn't have enough information for us to be able to tell exactly what happened. Between DB backups we can see what it was and what it became, and by looking at the logs we can see something was done by a certain person but we don't know for definite what was done.

So if I look at this as an example:


Products (update)
Product: Product 123 Administrator user - 123 — 12/09/2016, 17:33


I can see the product was updated, but what was updated? If the several admins made several updates between the backups I can't say "this admin did this".

An example of what would be useful is as follow:


Products (update)
Product: Product 123 / CODE: 123 / PRODUCT DB ID: 74

Price updated:

150 -> 200

Full description removed:
Jeff likes ketchup with his chips but it can't be mayo!

Short description changed from:

Remember, no mayo!

Short description changed to:

Remember ketchup!



Administrator user - 123 — 12/09/2016, 17:33

Products (removed)
Product: Product xyz / CODE: XYZ123 / PRODUCT DB ID: 36

Download database dump of product Administrator user - 123 — 12/09/2016, 17:36


A download of the product doesn't need to be dumped into a file if the product was marked as deleted instead, but at the moment you wouldn't know what was wiped.

So that's an example anyway.