Feature Request; Order Dispute (Multi-Vendor)

I will do my first feature request here, hopefully I will explain properly.

AS CS-cart Multi-Vendor today, there is no options for the Customer to make a dispute about the order (Not the pure return-request, but a despute). This function works as a buffer when reciving a faulty product - after the custoemr recive the product but before the vendor recive the payment (delayed payout).

If a Customer make a dispute, the Customer and Vendor can have an conversation them between - if needed, the Admin of the marketplace can be called in to meddle the situation.

This dispute solution works not only as a buffer, but also as safe way for teh parties to exchange words - this also functions as a new feature.

Yes, Cart-Power have an Dispute add-on, but it’s not Multi-Vendor friendly, not updated and full of outdated as well as missing functions.


This feature already exists in Multi-Vendor, and is provided with the built-in add-on Message Center

Hope it helps!

Hi @CS-Cart_team !

I know of this feature, but this feature dosn’t let the mamrketplace admin meddle in case of need (if there is a disagreement between Buyer & Seller which can’t be solved).

What I’m talking about is a solution similar to “freelancer.com”;
Dispute Policy | Freelancer

Simple solution:


The requested functionality is lying far away from what is currently implemented. For me, it looks more like an idea for some kind of third party add-on, rather than something that should be built in by default.

However it is only my humble opinion and I have created a new feature request for the developers. If it will be popular among our customers or it will be decided by our product manager to implement this feature, it may be added in the future versions of Multi-Vendor.


Where can we (as a customer and license holder of CS-cart) vote on new features, that we would like to see in future updates of CS-cart?

You can share your feedback here, at the forum.

Any roadmap where we can see any features you are woking on or features you are considering?

Yes, sure, you can find the roadmap at the following page:

Just scroll down to the Future Plans part of this page.

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