Feature Request - Language Options

I would like to have separate settings for languages for the different site-ends.

For example I would like to have the Admin panel in English and Romanian, the vendor panel in English, German and Romanian, but the storefront exclusively only in Romanian (I even want to hide the language selector).

The reason is simple: the store will be only in Romania, but some vendors are German and some are Bulgarian (for them we provide English).

The problem is that if I enable all languages, the storefront language will be selected this way:

  • - The language defined by the language code in the URL.
  • - The language saved in cookies, i.e. the language you chose during the last user session.
  • - The language set as a default language in your browser.
  • - The language set in the settings as the frontend default language.

In Romania is common to have English as default language of your browser, which will automatically set in CS-Cart the storefront language to English.

This is very bad for the user.

My only solution is to disable completely English and German, but then the vendors will see only Romanian language (they won't understand anything )

The workaround I found is that now I hide English from the storefront and it does exactly what I need, but a more complex language settings would be helpful in the future...