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Is there anything on the roadmap to rework the deafault checkout page on cs-cart? Something akin to ***/ *** would be fantastic as the default version is not very UI friendly



Could you please be more specific? I have googled some examples (I have not tried the software mentioned and would also warn you not to mention the competing software as it breaks the forum rules) and have not noticed any major differences.

Hi, apologies i had not realised we should not mention the competitors but where merely using them as an example.

Some features to improve on:

General look and feel: Default checkout page needs a revamp to bring it to modern standards.

Auto update shipping: Users having to click shipping box to get an updated shipping costs and timing is something unique to cs-cart and is added user friction at checkout.

One touch checkout: Apple pay / Google Pay checkout availability on product page to optimise for mobile conversions

These are just SOME ideas I had but im sure with a more thorough feasibility report some more ideas may come to surface. My topic was mainly in relation to whether anything was on the roadmap

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@CS-Cart_team , seems to be a recurring issue thats been raised before with some of the same issues.

Thank you for the reply.

I’m afraid it sounds like “for all the good against all the bad” :D. Could you please be more specific in your request?)

Yes, we have some plans on making this feature to be more user friendly. Added the link to this forum branch to the task, so developers will have more sources of inspiration :slight_smile:

The ability to pay for a product directly from that product’s page exists in the case of Stripe payments, if the Google Pay or Apple Pay payment method is applicable.

Is there any roadmap deadlines you can share with us? I ask because i am debating whether to do these changes myself or wait for cs-cart to do them via an upgrade

Agreed, one reason I don tuse this checkout yet

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All I can say at the moment is that any changes, if they happen, will definitely not be included in the next minor release, 4.17.x.