FCKeditor on 1.3.3?

hi all, I’m currently running CS-Cart 1.3.1 and few months ago I updated FCKeditor on my CS-Cart to version 2.2 that is really GREAT! (It also has direct file upload functionality).

Will the FCKeditor also updated on version 1.3.3?

I have just done this too, but what are teh mojor changes. The speedier interface is noce though.

Is the FCKeditor the editor that pops up when you hit “Edit in HTML editor” or is it a seperate little side app altogether? I’m assuming it’s the pop up editor, but if it’s not can you guys provide a link to read about it please.

I like the on-board editor, but it’s a little quirky, I’m hoping it gets updated too. I’m too lazy to adjust my browser settings because it’s very hard to cut/paste/edit in the editor. A lot of times I have to switch back to the product entry page.


hi strangeranger, yes, it’s the HTML editor used in CS-Cart.

[quote name=‘ZulloP’]Will the FCKeditor also updated on version 1.3.3?[/QUOTE]

Yes, CS-Cart 1.3.3 has the latest version (2.2) of FCKEditor.