Okay, simple problem. Not getting the solution.

Want to change the favicon.ico.

Looked in the root, NO FILE. (Even though many posts say its there.)


Go to skins/customer/images/icons. Found favicon.ico. Replaced with my own. No good.

Tried adding the to both index.tpl and meta.tpl.


If I navigate to ripvan100.com/favicon.ico, it displays as a favicon. Go back to main site, NO GOOD.

Would like a very simple fix for this, please.

clear your browser cache and CS-Cart cache/compiled folders.

It’s showing up OK in both IE8 and Firefox for me.

Okay, the clear cache thing seems to work.


Thank you.

How do I clear this??

CS-Cart cache/compiled folders.

Enter the following URL: YOURDOMAIN/admin.php?cc

If you have renamed your admin file, replace admin.php with your filename.