Favicon won't update or even disappear

Ok…I know the simple answer is to clear my browser cache and my template cache but nothing is working. I have even tried using several different browsers computers and I just can’t get this to work. The “stock” logo keeps showing up as my favicon even if I remove it entirely from my site or replace it with a new one. I don’t understand how/why it won’t change? It worked fine in 1.3.5 (2.0 is in a different folder now).

This is driving me insane why something so simple isn’t working. And it seems like EVERYTHING I do isn’t working right…heck, I can’t even get this dang forum to send me emails when I subscribe to a thread!

UPDATE: Finally looked around in other folders beside the root and found there was a favicon.ico in the image folder too so I replaced it and it seems to be working now. Oddly I didn’t have to do this on my earlier version of the cart. Geez…and hour of my time was wasted on that?!?