Fasthosts Internal Server Error when adding products via XML addon


I have a custom addon created by CS Cart that add’s products to my site via XML feed. CS cart have verified the addon to be working on their server. The import process inevitably takes a long time due to our large product base, but at present when I run ether of the XML feed’s the import process seems to be terminated by the server software (Error 500 Internal Server Error). I currently use a fasthosts dedicated server to host my site which seems to be causing my problem

I contacted fasthosts who state that the issue is out of their scope of support.

My skills are very basic, but if anyone can let me know how to fix the problem or if you could assist me it would be hugely appreciated.

It depends on what the script is actually doing I suppose.

I created a similar type script for my supplier imports and at first I was trying to convert the script into a csv. The conversion took up so much memory that the server would automatically kill the script. I do not know if this is your issue but it's worth a look. Your host should be able to tell you why the script is being killed.

Where did you get the add on from, I am in need of one of those as well, also, when I went to use CS Cart with Fasthosts they told me in wasn't something they allow for on their hosting??? I moved to Martfox soon after that.