Fair price to upgrade 1.3.5sp2 to sp4?? Does it worth??

Hi guys,

what would the fair price be to upgrade from 1.4.5 sp2 to 1.3.5 sp4 be?

my current install is pretty much stock.

no mayor modifications.

Does it worth it to upgrade from sp2 to sp4? or rather wait a bit and upgrade all the way to 2.0.x version??

thanks a lot!!

hi guys,

good morning this is just a bump

would really appreciate your opinion

Why would you invest any of your efforts, time or money into upgrading to an antiquated version which will soon be collecting dust?

Put your efforts into upgrading all the way to 2.08 or 2.09 so you can benefit from the current advancements!

We went live on 2.08 over Labor Day weekend and gotta say, very nice ecommerce platform to build on! Version 2 still has a few glitches, however, this is to be expected. Most importantly is that they are quickly working them out, can’t ask for much more than that.

If you would like rates feel free to PM me, Charges differ per website and client requirements so it can be drastically different depending on the quotations