Failed Upgrade To 4.10.4

I've tried to upgrade CS-Cart from 4.10.3.SP1 to 4.10.4 with the upgrade process in Admin.

I got a list of file writing permissions that must be modified, and I set them with chmod.

After this, the upgrade process check permissions again for more than an hour.

Now, I could not access to admin, I get a 404 error, and If I try to access to the store I get this error:

Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable.

Smarty: Unable to load template tygh 'index.tpl' -->

Please, could it be possible to complete the upgrade manually, or to get back to the previous version?

Please make sure that the following file exists and has correct permissions


Hello, eComLabs

Thanks a lot for your answer. Finally we had deleted the previous version and install the new one, it was not possible to fix it.