FAILED orders, PayPal and is there an addon?

Hi there… I am having issues where , at random, orders are showing as FAILED whent he paypal transaction actually went through.

The CSCART response is that customers have to click back to the store from PAYPAL, but that solution is HORRIBLE and doesnt work well for me. I sell only digital download goods…so when customers cant get the items immediately they get pissed. I need a bulletproof solution to this with paypal.

I used to use ZENCART and had NO issues at all with Paypal. I am getting this 1 out of 8 orders.

I keep haring “IPN”… would implementing IPN solve this? Does anyone know if an addon what someone has done that implements IPN into CSCART? Are there other solutions?

I cant be the only person with this issu…