Facebook Live Chat Messenger For Cs-Cart


Just put the final touches to my first CS-CART add-on. There are similar addons on the market, but none worked they wanted for my client so I made my own. I have now packaged the add-on up and making it commercially available.

I'm currently packing up other addons I've made and making them available commercially to the public under the brand www.cartbooster.ie


Facebook Live Chat Messenger Addon for CS-CART adds instant chat widget icon to your CS-CART store. The customer messages go directly to your Facebook Pages Messages section. Chats and Replies can be sent live via Facebook back to the widget directly on your website. As this addon uses Facebook technology there are no expensive additional monthly costs to your business and for your staff the messages tie into your existing workflow saving you both time and money providing both pre and post sales support with live chat.



Open to comments, ideas, suggestions


Cart Booster


Screenshot 2018-01-31 14.34.36.png

Screenshot 2018-01-31 14.34.59.png

Screenshot 2018-01-31 14.35.17.png