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With Social Buttons addon enabled, no matter which configuration is selected, the Facebook LIKE button does not work.

Have you double-checked if the credentials you input (App ID and URL of the page) are typed correctly? This is a built-in add-on, if there was such a huge bug in it, it would have been reported already.
Maybe you have some other social add-ons installed in your store that can interfere with it?

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The URL of the page is left empty to use an actual page URL.
The App ID is my own active App ID.
When clicked the source code reports error: “refused to connect”.
And I see the same behavior on another CS-Cart store (which I don’t own).


Send the url where this button is so we can see it.

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I searched thru the list of CS-Carts online marketplaces listed as customers and found one that has the same installation of Social Buttons - with the same error I see in my installation, and in my friend’s installation:

I won’t share either my installation’s URL, nor my friends. As a CS-Cart user since version 1 in 2009, I have found that sharing URLs here always results in spam inundation. The URL that is shared is already exposed on CS-Cart’s website.

Hello @magpiedon

Thank you for your message.

I’ve reproduced the issue and passed the info about it to our developers.