Facebook Connection Addon


Let me present our new Facebook module:



[][size=4]Fully managed through the CS-Cart admin area[/size]

][size=4]Hooks based CS-Cart addon[/size]

[][size=4]Ability to add the Facebook “like”, “send to friend”, “follow” buttons and Facebook comments and “like us on Facebook” box with Facebook people who liked you via “Blocks Manager” of CS-Cart admin area to any page.[/size]

][size=4]No affection to CS-Cart core functionality[/size]

[][size=4]No changes in default database scheme[/size]

][size=4]Easy to install[/size]

[*][size=4]Instructions included[/size]


Now the sale period for the module is started.

No one is interested in the addon?

Some suggestions or any comments are welcome. Please, let me know.