Ez Merchant Solutions: Square Payment Gateway

I've been a long time PayPal user and swore up and down this is by far the best payment gateway. The only drawback being PayPal has always been slow and using the "Pro" version means I had to pay $30/month which I avoided. That also meant customers could not simply enter the card information and just stay on my website. Some hated PayPal, others asked for offline purchase...

I looked at Square and the rates were the same. With the latest CS-Cart update, I went to EZ Merchant's website and noticed the price for the Square add-on was on sale. After setting up Square, allow them to verify my business bank account, I paid & received the add-on within 48 hours.

Installation was a breeze just by going through the add-on screen and uploading the two zipped files. Clear cache, configure and made a test product for $1 and used my own card to make the purchase. It's nice to be able to stay on the site, let it process and within 24 hours I had the deposit into my account.

I haven't had an issue yet and excited with this payment solution. Thanks again EZ Merchant!