Extra Store

This is something Im unsure if Im doing it the best way.

At the moment we have various schools that we supply with uniforms, and the school wants the parents to come to our website and order items themselves and pay via card, and then come collect from our store.

At the moment we do it like this

We set a category up with all the products for the school, only about 10 products,mystore .com/ schoolname (we then disallow google this in robots.txt.) and brand that category with the school logo and info and products etc.

the problem is these products are duplicated from the main categorys and are also at a good discounted rate for the school, but are still open to everyone who stumbles on them really, as they are not applied to user groups as this requires each parent who buys for the children to log in and be "activated" to that usergroup so it can be virtually impossible to do that for every parent.

I knwo how to set up categories and products for usergroups as we do that for other companies where there is only 1 or 2 "buyers" so usergroups work fine for them.

Do I create another store,? to avoid these "discounted" products being seen by "joe public" I have ultimate licence, if so do i need a new web address just for the school etc.

Is it worth creating another store for only 10 products, payment methods/shipping etc.

Can one be created where it is a generic log in to view, so that the teacher can give all the parents the same log in, then they can pay using there own cc details etc.???

Slightly confused as to what is best




You should create usergroups contain users from particular schools e.g school1, school …
Next you should set on the product access appropriate groups in section “Availability” on product cart
in admin panel.

Best regards