Extra Fields for products

I am in need of a way to add extra fields for our products to display such things as:

Country of Origin, etc. I have looked everywhere in the out of box settings and cannot find anything. I need that the created field(s) be able to be displayed in the Product List layout and the detailed page layout. Basically, the ability to display the created fields anywhere in the product listing, etc as needed.

Can use the help.

Thanks Forum

Not sure about displaying these details “anywhere”. However, have you experimented with “Product Features”? You can set these up & then display these particular details under the “Features Tabs” on your individual product detail pages. Actually a pretty nice way to present details like you mention.

I took a look at the “product features” functionality but that is restricted to only the product detail page. What I had in mind is something like the Product Code field. It may be database driven or not. But I can start with something that is not DB driven and then maybe when the funds flow better, have it coded to be DB driven.

Any thought on how I can do this simply?

Thanks Struck

Thanks Forum