External Link to Banner Slide on Carousel

I’m trying to link to specific slides on the stock 3.0.6 banner carousel. The plan is to use customized buttons to allow the customer to change the slides instead of the integrated ones. It is part of my site’s design. What code would need to be executed to directly link to a specific slide/banner in the rotation?

Thank you

The template for the carousel block is in this folder:


And the buttons in the carousel are formatted in the \skins\SKINNAME\customer\addons\banners\styles.css file. They are named “paging_dots.png”

Thank you. That's more info than I knew before… but I still don't know how to invoke a specific slide in the carousel via a button in a different block. Any ideas?

I am searching for this answer too. I would like to customize the dots to where they sit below the banner. How would I do that?