External Link into Categories Menu??

Hi, how can i put an external link into categories menu.

I mean in my categories menu i have computers, but i want link computers to a external page.

Thanks for your help.

This probably depends on what skin your using, but here is what I did for the lite_blue skin:

In skins/your-skin/customer/categories_pages/menu_items.tpl

At the end after:



  • Your Link

  • This will only place the link at the end of the menu and I don’t really know how to put a link in the middle somewhere. Because of the foreach statement in the menu template all the menu is setup based upon the database. Maybe someone else will have an idea?

    For now I hope this helps,


    If you wanted to specify where you want the link to show you could use: (add [COLOR=“Red”]RED[/COLOR] parts to menu_items.tpl)



    {assign var=“foreach_name” value=“cats_$cid”}

    [COLOR=“red”]{assign var=“count” value=0}[/COLOR]

    {foreach from=$items item=“category” name=$foreach_name}

    [COLOR=“red”]{assign var=“count” value=$count+1}

    {if $count==5} [COLOR=“Blue”]<<-- 5 will put link 5 down from top[/COLOR]

  • Your Link

  • {/if}[/COLOR]

  • {if $category.subcategories}

      {include file="categories_pages/menu_items.tpl" items=$category.subcategories separated=true submenu=true cid=$category.category_id}


  • {if $separated && (!$smarty.foreach.$foreach_name.last || !$submenu)}

  • {/if}

    Thank you very much Babalucci.

    All its fine.


    Left side: Computadores



    That is some slick coding…

    nice job

    [quote name=‘MikeFold’]Charlie,

    That is some slick coding…

    nice job[/QUOTE]

    I agree. Much better than what I posted. I’ve been wanting to change where my Gift Certificate category was and now I can. Thank you.


    Where would I find that in Version 3.0.1?